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Media statement 23/04/24 from "The Treloar's Boys”

Media statement 23/04/24 from

Regarding the statement of 19/04/24 issued by www.treloar.org.uk

“We feel compelled to respond to this statement posted on Friday by Treloar’s School.

We take issue with the idea that effectively they too were a victim. Their apparent disregard of facts and supporting documents leaves us feeling dismissed and outraged.

At the very least the response of the school is disingenuous.

Treloar’s continues to perpetuate a position which has no foundation whatsoever. It really is quite simple; our parents placed us into the care of the school in the fully understandable belief that should we require or otherwise receive medical treatment then our parents would be consulted before any treatment was provided.

We agree ‘obtaining consent to medical treatment is a process between the treating doctor and their patient’. We were the patients and were legally incapable of providing consent. Our parents could have provided consent or otherwise refused, but they were not consulted. They had entrusted that role to the school who provided consent without authority (i.e. Treloar’s acted in loco-parentis).

It is clear from the documentation in the public domain that the school applied for and received funding for research, to employ Dr Rainsford and set him up a research laboratory. The research conducted at the school was in breach of the Declaration of Helsinki.

For the school to continue to deny any responsibility, putting the blame wholly with the NHS, is not only disrespectful to the 75 dead former pupils, but is both preposterous and insulting. Treloar’s failed in its duty of care towards us which is why we launched a claim against them back in 2022. This remains lodged with the High Court and is currently pending, awaiting the Inquiry’s Final Report.

We now formally request that Treloar’s withdraw or amend its media statement with immediate effect.”


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