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Commercial Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Our experience in all forms of dispute resolution ranges from issues between neighbours to multi-million pound fraud cases. We are fully aware of the levels of stress and anxiety engendered by disputes be they large or small and we ensure that at every stage, it’s your individual needs and best interests that are paramount. Our comprehensive services include litigation through court process, arbitration, mediation, conciliation and negotiation

We’re proud of our strong reputation for dealing with a wide variety of cases involving professionals, industry and commerce and our specialist department’s achievements include successful actions against banks, accountants and solicitors. Our team is exceptionally able and can deal with extensive, ongoing and challenging litigation as well as fulfilling the legal needs for smaller but no less disturbing disputes in which you may find yourself embroiled. We aim to achieve the most affordable and appropriate solution for your situation and we work professionally, affordably and with the utmost integrity.

We undertake cases under both Conditional Fee Agreements (also known as “No Win. No Fee”) and on a privately paying basis.

Commercial Litigation, Sometimes David And Goliath

Our Commercial Litigation Department is headed up by our Senior Partner and the firm’s founder, Des Collins. Des is not only a lawyer with a superb reputation but one who’s unafraid to take on a challenge no matter what size the opponent. His David and Goliath approach and commitment to justice makes him a tenacious litigator and a rather formidable opponent. Clients have been known to remark they’re delighted he’s on their side and not on the other! His team have followed in his footsteps and at the same time are firm believers in demystifying the often mind-blowing complexities of the law for you.

Disputes of any size or type can be tiring and stressful, all the more so when you’re up against professionals or a large corporate entity. We aim to minimise your worry at the same time as guiding you through all aspects of your claim and maximising the results. We keep you fully updated at every stage as to costs incurred even when instructed on a CFA. This enables you to make fully informed choices throughout.

Commercial Litigation Financial Packages

Please contact us for full details of individual packages. We do have flexible funding mechanisms in place and utilise cutting edge technology to keep costs down.

Commercial Litigation Awards And Accreditations

The commercial litigation team have been involved in a number of high profile and seminal cases including RBS v Etridge which was finally decided in the House of Lords and the guidelines set down in that case form the basic requirements to which banks must adhere when advancing mortgage monies to private households.