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General contract law

All of us make contracts day in and day out, probably without realizing that’s what we’re doing. Do you travel on public transport? Do you patronize your local supermarket? Are you employed? If the answer’s yes then in each of these cases a contract has been made between two parties. The list of contractual situations and possible problems is endless. If however you encounter a problem with a contract we can help.

Contract Law Experience

The above everyday transactions are all examples of contractual situations as is the relationship between you and your bank or mortgage provider or the relationship between tenant and landlord – all of these rest on contract law. However, whilst the list of contractual situations is endless, so can be the issues which arise. Fortunately, we have a hugely experienced team who, over the years, have had to deal with most if not every contractual problem that might rear its ugly head and if you bring us a new permutation, we love a challenge!

Civil Litigation Topics

We can help with the complete range of civil litigation topics. These can range from simple debt issues where individuals or organizations have failed to pay money owing, to issues concerning far larger cases which may involve several different parties all affected by the same issue.

Civil Litigation Fee Packages

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, when we will be delighted to discuss our fee structure, discuss any appropriate packages which may be available and advise you as to your next best move.