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Department of Health / The Haemophilia Society

Department of Health

The Department of Health oversaw the events throughout the time of the Contaminated Blood Scandal and is ultimately the Government department responsible for the disaster. It is alleged that the Department did not act properly to prevent the scale of infection, issued misleading public statements and subsequently destroyed or "lost" some of the key evidence whilst denying Truth & Justice to those affected.

The Haemophilia Society:

The Haemophilia Society was established in 1950 and still exists today. During the material time of the Contaminated Blood Scandal, it is alleged that The Haemophilia Society issued wrong advice to those with Haemophilia and had entered into financial agreements with the Pharmaceutical companies that produced and distributed the infected Factor VIII and IX products. It is believed some of The Haemophilia Society’s medical advisers had also entered into similar agreements.

Today, The Haemophilia Society still receives large amounts of money from a number of those pharmaceutical companies and others. The person that The Haemophilia Society has hired to lead their involvement in the Public Inquiry (Debra Morgan) has spent almost two decades working in the Pharmaceutical industry including for the companies Pfizer and Merck, both of which were involved in the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

For the above reasons and others, it is our clients’ view that The Haemophilia Society has a gross conflict of interest and should not claim to represent the interests of any of those infected or affected at the Public Inquiry.