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Industrial Exposure - Coke and Steel Works

Compensation for industrial employees after High Court win - could this be you?

In the recent judgement in the case of Jones v The Secretary of State for the Department of Energy & Climate Change a group of former workers at the Phurnacite plant in South Wales successfully brought an action against their former employers after having developed various forms of respiratory diseases and cancers.

The workers successfully proved that their conditions were caused by their exposure to harmful dust and fumes whilst working at the plant.

The judge decided that the operators of the plant were in breach of the statutory duties owed to their employees throughout the period of its operation and that the claimants had succeeded in establishing the necessary causal link between exposure to dust/fumes and the various diseases.

This judgement could mean that people who have worked in similar environments and are suffering from illnesses such as skin cancer, lung cancer or other respiratory diseases may be able to bring a claim for compensation against their former employers.

A summary of the judgment can be found here.

Can we help you?

Collins Solicitors has a growing list of clients, including families of those who have died, keen to seek redress for their health problems after years of historic exposure to potentially harmful dust and fumes. Collins Solicitors is looking to assist those suffering from skin cancer, lung cancer or other respiratory diseases caused as a result of working conditions and we are especially seeking contact from people who may have worked at Ravenscraig or Corby Steelworks.

If you are concerned that your health has been affected, please contact us on 01923 223 324 or email collins@collinslaw.co.uk.

Seminars in Motherwell and Corby

Collins Solicitors has years of specialist experience in the areas of personal injury, disease claims and environmental law.

The firm successfully led the 11- year fight against Corby Borough Council on behalf of families affected by the toxic waste scandal and currently we are advising more than 80 residents in relation to contaminated land in Motherwell.

In both of these regions the firm will be hosting seminars in September at the Holiday Inn, Motherwell/Hamilton and at the Holiday Inn, Corby.

If you wish to come along to talk through the issues facing you, please call us on 01923 223 324 or email collins@collinslaw.co.uk.