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Contaminated Blood

During the 1970s and 1980s thousands of NHS patients were infected with life changing diseases including HIV and Hepatitis. Many of these were Haemophiliacs treated with blood-plasma products which were derived from high risk, and often paid, plasma sources. Factor VIII and Factor IX Concentrate Products were the most commonly used products to treat Haemophilia and were very high risk.

Collins Solicitors now acts for over 1,000 victims of this disaster and/or their families. Compelling new evidence has been uncovered shedding light on how so many people came to be so seriously harmed in NHS care as well as on the efforts made by the Department of Health to keep these matters under wraps. Armed with this new evidence Collins Solicitors has successfully applied for a Group Litigation Order (The Infected Blood Inquiry) on behalf of its clients and has, also successfully, supported the campaign by victims for a full statutory UK Public Inquiry (High Court Group Litigation Order (GLO)).