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Doctor who didn't want Inquiry, to give evidence at the Infected Blood Inquiry this Tuesday

Doctor Brian Colvin will be giving evidence in person this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Infected Blood Inquiry.

In a BBC Panorama programme broadcast two months before the Inquiry was announced in 2017, Colvin said: “Personally I don’t think there is any reason to undertake another Public Inquiry in this area”… “I think it would lead to more distress than it would lead to enlightenment and it would create no benefit in my view to anybody.”

Colvin was consultant haematologist and haemophilia centre director from approximately 1977 – 2007 at the Royal London Hospital, now part of Barts Health NHS Trust.

Under his care, people with haemophilia were infected with Hepatitis C and HIV in the 1970s and 80s. The infections occurred through the use of Factor concentrates, under the auspices of treating their blood-clotting disorder.

Tony Farrugia’s father, Barry, was treated by Colvin and died in 1986 after being infected with HIV. Tony said: “I expect he will continue with the theme that there was no alternative treatment, which is not true, my father had used cryo with no issues since the late ’60s, my heart tells me we will see no remorse and just the arrogance”.

Factor VIII is a clotting medication for Haemophilia. It infected around 4,000 people with Hepatitis C in the 1970s/1980s, and over 1,200 of those people were also infected with HIV. At least 1,500 have since died as a result. It is estimated that one victim continues to die every four days.

Des Collins (Senior Partner at Collins Solicitors) comments: “I’m pleased Dr Colvin has seen the light and agreed to cooperate with Sir Brian Langstaff’s Inquiry and to give evidence this week. It is only by consultants like him, who were involved in treating people at the time, giving full and frank disclosure and explanation of what went on, that we can begin to get to the heart of the truth which is so important to those who suffered as a result of the contaminated blood scandal. My clients will be particularly interested to hear what he has to say about clinical freedom. To have Dr Colvin’s insights on the record and his views given the hindsight we all now have, will I’m sure be immensely beneficial to the Inquiry process.”

Last week ITV aired “In Cold Blood”, a new 90-minute feature-length documentary in the award-winning Exposure current affairs strand which examined the scandal. It is now available on The ITV Hub

Infected Blood Inquiry hearings take place at Fleetbank House, London from 10am this Tuesday – Friday (press can apply to the Inquiry to attend). Inquiry hearings are also streamed live on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel

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