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Momentum in Contaminated Blood Scandal grows as Collins apply for a Group Litigation Order - Collins Solicitors Press Release dated 4 July 2017

With the new evidence coming to light about the Contaminated Blood Scandal, growing numbers of haemophiliacs and their families are coming forward to call for a Public Inquiry. Collins Solicitors now represents over four hundred people in their call for the truth of what happened to the haemophiliacs so cruelly affected by tainted Factor products.

Collins Solicitors have reviewed the new evidence and now believe that it shows officials at the Department of Health in the 1970’s and 1980’s acted negligently in their duty towards haemophiliacs and their families. The risk posed by Contaminated Blood products was known, yet haemophiliacs were not told and not enough was done to make Factor 8 and 9 products safe. Previous “ex-gratia” support for haemophiliacs has been based on a false understanding of the true extent of the Contaminated Blood scandal.

For over thirty years haemophiliacs have been denied the chance to seek proper justice but Collins Solicitors are committed to changing that. Today, Collins Solicitors is applying for a Group Litigation Order at the High Court on behalf of those haemophiliacs and bereaved family members that it represents. Whilst no amount of money can truly compensate for the lost lives and years of suffering, this Group Litigation Order is the start of a claim for proper levels of compensation for the victims of the Contaminated Blood scandal and their families.

Des Collins said “We have already been contacted by hundreds of haemophiliacs and their families, and what has really stood out to me is how deep the impact of the Contaminated Blood scandal has been on the people affected. Everyone deserves justice, and it is my belief that the clearer picture we now have of the genesis of the Contaminated Blood scandal means that victims of the scandal now stand a better chance than ever of finally obtaining that justice.”

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