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Collins Solicitors Press Release 8th Feb. 2018

This is the end of a long and agonising struggle for justice by our clients and other victims of the scandal, extending back decades in some cases. Even following the announcement of an inquiry on 11th July 2017, the delay in appointing a chair has been unexplained and disheartening. Looking forward, however, we Collins Solicitors and our clients intend to collaborate fully with the inquiry and do all we can to assist it. In this way we hope that the truth behind the events of the contaminated blood scandal, the cause of so much ongoing death and suffering even today, will finally be revealed.

Collins Solicitors hopes that now everything is in place for the inquiry to begin that the momentum generated by today’s announcement is followed up promptly.

Des Collins said: “While my own firm has been involved in the search for the truth behind the contaminated blood scandal for less than a year, many of our clients have been left with unanswered questions for decades. Those years have encompassed suffering and loss of life on a scale unprecedented for other medical disasters of this magnitude. The sense of relief will be palpable among victims of this scandal and their families. I look forward to the inquiry getting underway and taking real steps towards getting real answers for them.”

Des Collins
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Danielle Holliday
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