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Pensioner awarded £205,000 after being hit by uninsured rider

An 81-year-old man who was knocked down by an uninsured scooter rider has been awarded £205,000 compensation.

The man was crossing a road on foot when the accident happened. He suffered multiple injuries including brain damage, respiratory failure, rib fractures and a laceration to the liver.

The rider rode away without reporting what happened or calling for help. The police tracked him down and established that he had no insurance.

Before the accident, the victim had lived independently but after being injured, he had to move into a care home.

He was unable to remember the accident, could not tell the difference between night and day, was unable to tell the time and had many memory problems.

His family took legal action on his behalf, alleging that the scooter rider had been negligent in failing to drive with adequate care.

As the rider had no insurance, the case was taken up by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. It disputed liability, which was eventually split 50-50 on the basis that the man was half to blame for the accident.

He was awarded £205,000 to cover his pain and suffering, and his future care costs and nursing home fees.

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