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Woman injured in road accident awarded £963,000

Woman injured in road accident awarded £963,000

A woman who was seriously injured in a road accident and later suffered from a psychiatric disorder has been awarded £963,000 compensation.

The woman was a passenger in a car when the accident happened. She was 53 at the time and sustained multiple injuries including fractures to her right lower leg and ankle, and a right abdominal hernia.

As a consequence of the injuries, she developed a substantial psychiatric disorder with mixed anxiety and depression, which was likely to continue while her physical symptoms persisted. She underwent six major operations on her leg but was left with significant permanent disability.

She had pain and greatly reduced mobility, requiring the use of crutches indoors and a mobility scooter outdoors for any more than very short distances. The pain was greatly accentuated on walking for more than about 10 minutes. She was predominantly housebound but was able to go out with her husband on her mobility scooter from time to time.

Her husband had given up work to look after her and provide assistance with washing and dressing.

Before the accident she had been accustomed to taking long walks with her dogs but was no longer able to do so unless she used her scooter and was accompanied by her husband, who otherwise took responsibility for dog-walking.

She was no longer able to take care of her elderly father, and her daughters had had to take over that role.

The driver of the car admitted liability for the accident.

The High Court awarded her a total of £963,000 to compensate for her injuries, suffering and loss of amenity, and to help fund her care.

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