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One of the biggest scandals in NHS history came under the spotlight last night in ITV’s hard-hitting documentary “In Cold Blood”

“A staggering investigation into a stomach-churning NHS scandal… It was impossible to watch without feeling a cold fury.” – The Telegraph

“While this was a film full of dignified fury, its success could be measured by how much anger it induced in the viewer. I’ve seen few documentaries that have made me angrier.” – The Times

“A vital look at a dark chapter in NHS history… It’s clear that for many whose lives were touched by this scandal, the wounds are still raw, and their opportunities for closure are running out.” – The Independent


“It is to Marcus Plowright’s credit that his forensic documentary on the subject conveys not just the scale of the injustice but also the sheer human suffering.

“In Cold Blood was a difficult watch. But it was also a powerful act of bearing witness to lives ruined and futures stolen… the sheer scale of the cover-up it outlined was often overwhelming.” – iNews

“In Cold Blood” is available to stream now on ITV Hub